CPR Certification Locations

Finding the right provider to take a CPR course with can be a daunting process. Customers have several options when selecting a CPR provider, a training partner, and the level of CPR training. Through this website, we hope to make the selection process easier for candidates looking to get certified or renew certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. We are partnered with the best and leading St Mark James first aid providers in Canada. The locations of our training partners are listed below.

Our St Mark James CPR Training Partners

All of the major providers of CPR certificates offer courses and training in all of the major metropolitan centers in Canada. Locations for CPR certification courses include:

Why These Providers for CPR Training?

The training providers that we have selected to partner with received the highest marks in a number of criteria that CPR course participants value. These providers scored exceptionally high marks in the following categories:

  • Convenience and access to course locations and training centers.
  • Affordable prices with clear advertised costs.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff and instructors.
  • Large selection of available first aid and CPR courses.
  • Available first aid and CPR private and re-certification courses.
  • Easy and convenient registration process.

Each of the providers that we have partnered with scored incredibly high marks in all of these categories. They are experienced providers that offer amazing customer service.

CPR Certification

All CPR certificates delivered by these providers meet a number of certification standards that candidates are required to have for workplace or academic purposes. Certificates are current for 36 months and include automated external defibrillator certification. CPR certificates are provided either in wallet size format or wall mount format.


To register for a course in your area select your location from above or on the menu. The top-rated provider in your region is presented on the page as well as a link to the website where candidates can register for first aid and CPR certification courses through telephone, e-mail, or online registration.

For more information about the location of your next course check out your local providers and training partners.

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