CPR Certification in Winnipeg

CPR Certification in Winnipeg
CPR Certification in Winnipeg

The leading training service provider of St Mark James training courses in Winnipeg is Winnipeg First Aid. It has been offering courses in Manitoba since 2009 and has excellent customer service, affordable prices, and highly competent instructors.Training courses are offered at different times throughout the week, including weekend and night classes. Trainees can sign up via e-mail, telephone, or walk-ins at the training center. An on-line application form is also available below. Various CPR level’s are available for registration including level’s “A”, “C” and “HCP”. Find out what CPR course is right for you and register for a class using the on-line registration form on this page. Enrolment is also available using the contact information available on this site.

Winnipeg First Aid Contact Information

You can contact Winnipeg First Aid using the information below.

  • Email: info@firstaidwinnipeg.ca
  • Website: firstaidwinnipeg.ca
  • Telephone: 204-272-8720

This training provider is located in Winnipeg and offers nearby amenities such as free parking, quick access to public transportation, and restaurants and shops within walking distance.

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What Courses Are Available with Winnipeg First Aid?

CPR Certification Courses

The following CPR and AED courses are available with this provider:

  • CPR level ‘A’ and AED – CPR for adult victims only – 53.99
  • CPR level ‘C’ and AED – CPR for victims of all ages – 53.99
  • CPR level ‘HCP’ and AED – CPR for health care providers – 53.99
  • Basic Life Support – Popular course for health care providers – 57.99
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support – Advanced health care provider course for individuals that work in a cardiac life support – 189.99

Re-certifications are available for CPR level ‘C’ and ‘HCP’ certificates for individuals with current awards received from credible providers.

First Aid Training Courses

The following first aid, CPR and AED courses are available in Winnipeg:

  • Standard first aid – comprehensive two day course – 114.99
  • Emergency first aid – one day basic course – 78.99
  • Childcare first aid – first aid course for childcare employees – 128.99

Program Prices

Winnipeg First aid offers the cheapest rates for St Mark James training courses, refresher courses, stand-alone classes, and private classes. Stand-alone CPR courses are only 54.99 dollars and standard first aid courses are only 114.99 dollars.

All training course rates are inclusive of taxes, certificates, and St Mark James registration fees. Training manuals and equipment are also included in the initial enrolment fee.

Refresher courses

Refresher courses for renewal / re-certification of expiring certificates are offered at least twice a week at different training centres.

Private Classes

Private classes are offered to trainees with scheduling problems and cannot enrol in any of the regular class schedules. Big groups or companies usually take separate training classes.

Did You Know?

Water-sealed drainage

Drainage dressing
Drainage dressing used in skill training in first aid training classes.

Victims of chest injuries may or may not need a chest tube installed to drain air, blood, or fluid from the lung. There are different kinds of water-sealed drainage systems.

  1. One-bottle – has a single receptacle for the drainage and also serves as a water seal
  2. Two-bottle – has two bottles connected by another tube, one bottle serves as a water seal, and the other bottle leading from the chest is the drainage bottle
  3. Three-bottle – one bottle serves as a water seal, one serves as a drainage bottle, and one serves as a suction control bottle (for injuries that require suction pressure to evacuate all the air or fluid)
  • The water seal bottle should not have any bubbles, only the fluid fluctuating up and down the tube
  • If there is a leak, clamp the tube starting from the portion near the bottle, going up until the leak stops
  • If the tube is pulled out of the chest, cover the area with a piece of salinized gauze

Visit the Winnipeg First Aid website for additional information on classes and schedules. Enrol using the on-line application form above today!

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