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Los Angeles CPR is the best training provider of CPR classes you will find in California. Programs are held all through the week, including weekends for more popular programs. We also offer re-certification classes for rescuers with certificates that are nearing expiration. There are over five programs available at Los Angeles CPR, with three of them with accompanying re-certification classes. Visit the Los Angeles CPR website for more details on how to contact us for enrolment and other program details.

Training credentials

Our trainees typically enrol in our programs because of the training credentials we award them with after a program has been completed. All of our programs are training programs wherein students have to pass the post-test – a skills test and/or a written exam – to get certified. Only one of our classes has optional certification, the one for the general public.

Once all the requirements have been met by the trainee, he or she is awarded a 2-year valid training certificate. This certificate is accepted all over the country and can be renewed before it expires. However, in the case that it expires, Los Angeles CPR will not be able to renew it. The trainee has to retake the training program instead of a re-certification class.

Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support programs can be taken by HCPs (healthcare providers) or the general public. These programs are short; they focus on the basics of CPR skill development. The class hours are spent teaching trainees and allowing them to practice chest compressions, rescue breaths, and defibrillation on high-end training mannequins. First aid for emergencies like choking and bleeding are also part of the BLS training programs. Either single or two-person CPR rescue is taught in a BLS class.

  • Heartsaver CPR – A basic CPR program for the general public, 4 hours; teaches 1-person CPR, first aid, and defibrillation. Certification is optional for this class.
  • Heartsaver CPR (C) – A basic CPR program for HCPs, 4.5 hours; teaches the same topics as the general public class.
  • Basic Life Support for HCPs – A basic CPR program that teaches both 1-person and 2-person CPR. Trainees are taught the 2010 BLS guidelines from the AHA, first aid, and defibrillation. Re-certification is 4 hours long.

Advanced Life Support

Beyond the basics of BLS, ALS programs teach students about medical management of cardiac arrest in a clinical setting. Trainees are introduced to new equipment, diagnostic procedures, and medication used during cardiac arrest and post-cardiac arrest care. ALS classes are long, both programs take two days to complete. Trainees are taught about bag valve masks, ECGs, assessment of adult and pediatric victims, and more.

Pre-requisities: valid BLS for HCPs training credential

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) – A 16-hour program completed in two days; teaches trainees how to manage adult victims. Re-certification is 5-6 hours long.
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) – A 14-hour program completed in two days; teaches trainees how to manage pediatric victims. Pediatric victims are those aged 1 month to 17 years Re-certification is 6-8 hours.

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