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Treating A Broken Rib

Broken Rib – What Happens? Your ribs have two key jobs: They shield the organs in your chest. They assist you to breathe by keeping an open space inside your chest The muscles used for breathing jerk on the ribs, so breathing might be very sore when you have a cracked rib. It is vital to see a GP after ... Read More »

How To Treat Food Poisoning

Overview Food poisoning is caused by consuming contaminated food. In most instances, the food hasn’t been cooked appropriately and is contaminated by microorganisms such as salmonella or Escherichia coli (E. coli), which are located predominantly in meat. Somebody might feel the effects of food poisoning within a few hours, and will often be nauseous or have diarrhoea. Though, in some instances ... Read More »

How To Treat A Dislocated Joint

Overview A joint is where two bones join or attach. A dislocated joint occurs when the bones are partially or entirely pulled out of their usual position. Joints can dislocate when a strong force jerks the bone into an unusual position, or because the muscle contracts. The most frequent joints that dislocate are the jaw, knee, shoulder, or joints in ... Read More »

How To Reduce Inflammation

Overview Mild inflammation will eventually decrease on its own. Home treatment might help alleviate symptoms. Inflammation and discomfort are very common with injuries. When you have inflammation, you must look for other signs of injury that might need to be assessed by your GP. If you have a medical illness that might cause inflammation, follow your GP’s guidelines on how ... Read More »

How To Treat A Rash

Do Not Use Too Much Soap You may be enticed to bathe in a hot bathtub and rub the affected region with soap. Warm water usually aggravates the itching more severely so you should stay away from hot water if you want long-term relief. Soap can dehydrate your skin, making the rash even worse. Also, several types of soaps contain ... Read More »

Identifying Diabetes

What Are The Possible Problems? Studies have shown that if individuals with diabetes can control their diabetes well, the risk of problems are greatly condensed and might be either prevented or considerably delayed. Kidney Failure The kidneys act as a purifying system for unwanted products. This purifying system is created from many small blood vessels which can be injured by ... Read More »

Asthma Treatment And Management

Overview Your GP says that yes, you have been diagnosed with asthma. Well, stay calm, because asthma can be managed. But you need to play a vigorous part in handling it. You don’t have to manage this by yourself. In fact, the main part to handling your asthma successfully is to work carefully with your GP or another healthcare provider to ... Read More »

How To Handle Panic Attacks

Overview of Panic Disorders Panic disorder is a sort of anxiety disorder characterized by recurring and erratic bursts of fear identified as panic attacks. A panic attack is accompanied by physical symptoms that might feel like a heart attack or other severe conditions. Severe anxiety frequently develops between periods of panic. As panic attacks become more regular, individuals start avoiding situations that could activate ... Read More »

Treating High Fevers

Overview Fever is higher-than-normal body temperature (Normal temparature-370C or 98.60F) Indicates an abnormal process in the body Fever is a symptom and not disease Also called ‘pyrexia’ Low fever:98.80F to 100.80F Mild to moderate:1010F to 1030F High fever:1040F and above Causes Hot weather Childhood immunization Bacterial/viral infection Spending much time in the sun Allergy to medication / food Symptoms Hot ... Read More »

Chest Pain – Am I Having A Heart Attack?

Causes Of Chest Pain When you experience chest pain, your initial thought might be that you are having a heart attack. While chest pain is a possible indication of a heart problem, some other, less severe illnesses can also cause chest pain. Only about 10% of all emergency calls for chest pain lead to the identification of a severe heart-related ... Read More »

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