Rescuing Victims

How To Treat Anaphylaxis

Overview of Anaphylaxis Can you think of anything that you have had an allergic reaction to? Some people are so allergic to certain things that their bodies react quickly and in some cases it can be deadly if not treated quickly. Doctors refer to this condition as ‘anaphylaxis’. Disclaimer The material posted on this page on respiratory emergencies, including anaphylaxis ... Read More »

How To Rescue A Car Accident Victim

car accident

Auto-mobile accidents have been increasing in the past years. While most crashes produced injuries that are not so severe, some car crashes have victims that are in potentially life threatening situations. Knowledge and skills in basic first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a great asset when helping victims against potential life threatening conditions.  The following are some helpful guidelines in the immediate rescue of ... Read More »

Managing Electrical Shock Victims

Electricity can be harmful and even fatal. The level of injury from an electrical shock normally depends on several factors like current, voltage and overall health of the victim. When a person receives an electrical shock from incredibly high voltage, this often leads to death. Contact 911 immediately when you come across a victim of such an incident. It’s also important ... Read More »

Usefulness of a CPR Certificate: How Common Is Drowning?

For many, getting a CPR certificate is unnecessary since drowning is not that common especially in places where man-made and natural bodies of water are not really that popular. What they do not realize is that drowning can actually be a common problem even in these areas. Here are some of the statistics about the prevalence of drowning that highlight ... Read More »

Rescuing Victims

Rescuing victims of motor vehicle crashes There are a number of different factors that contribute to the risk of motor vehicle crashes. It may be due to vehicular condition, vehicle speed, road conditions, driver skill/impairment/behavior, and above all alcohol intoxication. From a global perspective, motor vehicular accidents lead to morbid disability and death to victims as well as considerable damage ... Read More »

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