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Ankle Sprain First Aid: Compression Wrap Application

In order to prevent swelling of the ankle as a result of too much activity or injury, compression wraps are often used to speed up the recovery process.  Using compression wraps can also help the sprained ankle from escalating into a more severe form of injury, because it helps hold the ankle in position to facilitate healing. Because ankle sprains ... Read More »

Emergency Plan In Dealing With A Heart Attack

Referred chest pain

Are you aware of the first aid and CPR steps that you must follow in dealing with a heart attack? What would you do if you are near someone and they start showing the symptoms that are associated with a heart attack? Ideally, what you should do is call for professional medical help, but what do you do as you ... Read More »

Treatment and Management of Bacterial Pneumonia

The management of bacterial pneumonia is addressed in light of the severity of the condition at hand. One of the most important things that you should be on the look out for is to establish whether there is a need for hospitalization. You need to use the pneumonia severity index abbreviated PSI as a guide for the provision of inpatient ... Read More »

Foreign Body in the Vagina

Some foreign bodies in the vagina are designed for vaginal use, whereas there are times when foreign bodies also accidentally insert themselves in the vagina. The presence of foreign bodies may be asymptomatic for an extended period of time or produce minimal or evident symptoms. This usually leads to vaginal discharge or bleeding. It is more common for children, rather ... Read More »

Clinical Aspiration

Clinical Aspiration

Clinical aspiration of stomach contents into the lungs is a serious complication that can cause pneumonia and possibly result in any of the following conditions namely; tachycardia, dyspnea, central cyanosis, hypertension, hypotension and possibly even death. Many cases of aspiration can occur when protective airway reflexes are decreased or absent due to a variety of factors which may or may ... Read More »

How to Apply First Aid for A Black Eye

First Aid in Black Eye

Black eye is caused by the bruising of the tissue beneath the skin around the eye. Oftentimes it is caused by injury, however, it can also connote an extensive injury to the skull, such as fractures. It is usually due to an injury to the face instead of injury to the eye itself. This will then result to swelling and ... Read More »

Managing Behavioral Issues During Emergency Situations

Managing Behavioral Issues

Managing behavioral issues can sometimes be overlooked especially in emergency situations. This method is very important in order to keep control of the situation and be allowed for a more effective means to deal with people who are affected by such appalling events.  Although most people pull together and function during a disaster, both people and communities suffer immediately and ... Read More »

What is Your Role in the EMS System?

ems (1)

Everyone plays a crucial role in the emergency medical services (EMS) system. As a citizen responder, your first action should be to call for help – by dialing 911 or asking help from bystanders. The sooner the EMS personnel arrive, the higher the victim’s chances of survival become. Delays in the activation of EMS can greatly impact the success of ... Read More »

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