Heat Emergencies

First Aid For A Third Degree Burn


Third-degree burns look like deep wounds and appear to be very dark or extremely white, yellow or brown. These burns are considered major burns and they can be fatal when not properly treated. The burn damages the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) and the entire layer beneath it (dermis). Symptoms include little or no pain because the nerves and tissue ... Read More »

Sun Allergy

Sun Allergy

Sun Allergy or Sun poisoning can either be hereditary or can be caused by outside factors; like skin being exposed to certain types of plantation, etc. Sun allergy as the name implies, is an allergy associated with sun exposure. They say, excess of anything is bad, and the same goes out for Summer fans too. Too much of Sun’s heat ... Read More »


Burns are injury to the skin and deeper tissues caused by hot liquids, flames, radiant heat, direct contact with hot solids, caustic chemicals, electricity, or electromagnetic (nuclear) radiation. Skin exposed to temperatures as low as 120°F is burned after about 5 minutes. BURNS FACTS AND FIGURES A burn involves the destruction of skin cells, and sometimes the underlying structures of ... Read More »


Heat and Sweat

Hyponatremia refers to water intoxication. This is caused due to the loss of sodium and water during perspiration, which is only compensated by water alone resulting in low sodium content in the body. This is a growing concern in military training and common in athletes who drink water during high stamina physical activity. *Disclaimer, to learn to recognize and effectively ... Read More »

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