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Proper Management of a Puncture Wound

puncture wound

A wound can become prone to infection if proper treatment is not administered to it. Minor wounds may not require medical treatment but a puncture wound will. Minor wounds like scratches and small abrasions can simply heal on their own but an open wound will require more medical attention. If the wound appears to be minor and doesn’t require a tetanus shot, it can easily ... Read More »

Causes and Cures of Bruised Foot

Bruised Foot

Bruising is the phenomenon in which the skin color changes to fast red or purple due to the accumulation of blood, just underneath the skin. Due to any minor injury or trauma, blood vessels may get leaky and blood can pour out into the subcutaneous tissues, muscles and bones present in the sheath of skin. The skin color changes with times, ... Read More »

Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses refer to thick layers of the skin that harden as a form of protective mechanism to prevent injury due to pressure and friction. Corns and calluses are more likely to occur in areas of the feet, toes, fingers and hands. Corns and calluses may appear unpleasant but you do not require treatment if you are healthy and ... Read More »

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