Stomach Pains

The Best Way Of Dealing With Stomach Pains

Stomach Pain

Stomach pains are fairly common and uncomfortable experiences. The majority of the time, the cases of abdominal pains that many experience can be considered mild. These can be easily diagnosed and treated with simple remedies in a home setting. However, a number of these abdominal pains can be quite serious and can be signs of underlying illnesses. Each person should know the ... Read More »

Purge Eating – Its Signs and Complications

purge eating

Purge eating disorder is an eating disorder that is characterized by self induced vomiting. It is always associated with the desire of preventing weight gain and the individual manifesting this abnormal eating behavior often resorts to excessive exercise, laxative abuse and using diuretics to lose weight. Those with purge eating disorder are typically within the normal weight scale. However, the ... Read More »

First Aid Treatment For Difficulty in Swallowing

Difficulty swallowing simply refers to a problem in which a person takes a longer time and more effort to move fluids or food from his or mouth to the stomach. Difficulty swallowing may also arise due to pain. Sometimes, the person may not be able to swallow food or liquid at all. In some cases, difficulty swallowing is not a ... Read More »

First Aid for Gastric Problems

stomach pain

A gastric problem refers to abdominal discomfort or pain in the abdomen or the organs of the upper abdomen. Most cases of gastric problems exhibit minor symptoms however; many people experience severe pain and thus, require medical advice. The upper abdomen includes the organs starting from below the rib cage to the navel–such as the oesophagus the stomach, gall bladder, pancreas and ... Read More »

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