How To Treat Bleeding

Overview The loss of blood from the circulatory system is known as bleeding. The causes for bleeding can span from abrasions and minor cuts to deep cuts and amputations. Internal bleeding, which can be the result of any injuries to the body. These can vary from superficial bruising (minor) to immense bleeding as a result and inflammation. Minor bleeding The ... Read More »

Steps in Treating a Casualty with Burns

Overview The severity of a burn is going to be based upon how big the burn is, which this is going to show whether you should go to the emergency room or not. If a victim is being burned, you have to first remove the basis of the burn in order to safeguard both the victim and yourself. Once the ... Read More »

How To Deal With Morning Sickness

Overview For women who become pregnant, it may be those small hints that alert them of this new change. For example, certain foods may start to make them feel nauseated, they may start craving certain foods, and they may have breasts that are swollen and sore to the touch. However, morning sickness is one of the biggest hints that women ... Read More »

Dealing With Abdominal Pain

Overview When a person has a stomach ache, they often have cramps or aching in their abdomen. This is usually caused by a small virus or upset, and is often short in how long it lasts. When a person is reporting serious pain in their abdomen, this is something that they should be concerned with. In fact, it could be ... Read More »

Child Safety During Hot Weather

Overview Things To Remember Kids and infants become dehydrated a lot more quickly in humid conditions. Make sure your infant has enough liquids. If it is hot, make sure you dress your infant in cool clothes. Never ever leave your child unattended in a hot car, not even for a few seconds. Symptoms Of Dehydration Dehydration may pose a risk ... Read More »

Preventing Heat Stroke

Overview When the body becomes dehydrated and is not able to cool itself down to maintain a healthy temperature, which if not treated can lead to heat stroke- a life-threatening medical emergency. To avoid heat stroke prevention is the best route to take so. People Who Are At Risk Of Heat Stroke Although anyone can have heat stroke, those who ... Read More »

First Aid For Dizziness

Introduction  A lot of people experience dizziness and it is not normally an indication of anything serious, but your GP should check you out just to make sure. The word “dizziness” means various things to different people – some people use it when they feel like fainting, while others use it when they feel like everything is spinning. Since the symptom is fairly ... Read More »

Treating A Broken Arm or Wrist

Introduction  A broken wrist or arm is often the result of falling or from an accident. When this occurs, it can take up to eight weeks for this to heal for adults, but less time if a child breaks their wrist or arm. In order to get this taken care of, you must go to the doctor or the nearest ... Read More »

Expert Advice: Warning Signs of A Heart Attack

Overview When a heart attack occurs, this results in damage to the heart in that the heart cannot supply the blood that is needed. Coronary heart disease is often the reason that a person has a heart attack. A heart attack actually happens when there is a clot that is blocking an artery. The heart becomes starved for oxygen, which ... Read More »

Treating A Broken Rib

Broken Rib – What Happens? Your ribs have two key jobs: They shield the organs in your chest. They assist you to breathe by keeping an open space inside your chest The muscles used for breathing jerk on the ribs, so breathing might be very sore when you have a cracked rib. It is vital to see a GP after ... Read More »

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