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Cough CPR- What Do You Need To Know?

Cough CPR is a procedure that gained fame a few years back following its viral spread on the internet. This was facilitated by the forwarding of numerous emails that purported to give a new set of guidelines in what was easily described as the handy way of carrying out self CPR. It is important, however, for individuals to recognize that ... Read More »

What You Need To Know Before Taking Cpr Classes

CPR classes entail the most basic form of first aid, and will usually take just about 4 hours to learn. This is, perhaps, the most important basic first aid skill if well delivered. CPR is performed for individuals who have suffered cardiac arrest and as such, their hearts cannot pump blood to important organs in the body. One of the ... Read More »

What Are Some Of The CPR Certifications Needed On Your CV?

CPR and AED Training

Creating a great CV (curriculum vitae) is actually a piece of work, but when you know what you are doing, it becomes manageable. One of the issues that many individuals will raise during this process is whether or not to include their first aid and CPR certifications. You may have taken a first aid and CPR class over the summer ... Read More »

Purge Eating – Its Signs and Complications

purge eating

Purge eating disorder is an eating disorder that is characterized by self induced vomiting. It is always associated with the desire of preventing weight gain and the individual manifesting this abnormal eating behavior often resorts to excessive exercise, laxative abuse and using diuretics to lose weight. Those with purge eating disorder are typically within the normal weight scale. However, the ... Read More »

Doing Hands-Only CPR Correctly


Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation has always been the focal point of CPR classes. However, medical experts have revamped the process and placed more emphasis on chest compressions, which they believed gives cardiac arrest victims a better chance at survival, and also makes CPR administered by ordinary people more effective. CPR used to be performed by following the acronym “ABC”, which stood for ... Read More »

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