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First Aid And CPR Certification To Handle Emergencies

Undergoing training for first aid and CPR certification is an important facet as far as emergency handling is concerned. This is not the preserve of a given number of countries in the world, but is in fact a phenomenal occurrence across the world. Part of the reason for this is that emergencies will almost always occur without warning. Knowing what ... Read More »

First Aid For A Third Degree Burn


Third-degree burns look like deep wounds and appear to be very dark or extremely white, yellow or brown. These burns are considered major burns and they can be fatal when not properly treated. The burn damages the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) and the entire layer beneath it (dermis). Symptoms include little or no pain because the nerves and tissue ... Read More »

How To Rescue A Car Accident Victim

car accident

Auto-mobile accidents have been increasing in the past years. While most crashes produced injuries that are not so severe, some car crashes have victims that are in potentially life threatening situations. Knowledge and skills in basic first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a great asset when helping victims against potential life threatening conditions.  The following are some helpful guidelines in the immediate rescue of ... Read More »

Purge Eating – Its Signs and Complications

purge eating

Purge eating disorder is an eating disorder that is characterized by self induced vomiting. It is always associated with the desire of preventing weight gain and the individual manifesting this abnormal eating behavior often resorts to excessive exercise, laxative abuse and using diuretics to lose weight. Those with purge eating disorder are typically within the normal weight scale. However, the ... Read More »

First Aid Needs of Seniors

First Aid Courses

People at certain age groups have different health needs. First aiders must know how these needs in order to provide proper treatment. Elderly adults have unique health needs as well as special concerns when being treated for injuries. As a first aider, you should consider these needs while performing first aid. For one, assisting elderly who has trouble with mobility ... Read More »

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