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Stomach PainStomach pains are fairly common and uncomfortable experiences. The majority of the time, the cases of abdominal pains that many experience can be considered mild. These can be easily diagnosed and treated with simple remedies in a home setting. However, a number of these abdominal pains can be quite serious and can be signs of underlying illnesses. Each person should know the difference between minor and major abdominal pains. Read on to determine what are serious stomach pains that require the help from a medical professional as soon as possible.

The material posted on this page for managing minor and major stomach pains is for learning purposes only. Consult your physician if you have prolonged or extremely painful stomach pains. To learn to recognize and manage serious medical emergencies including poisonings register for a first aid and / or CPR course today.

Common causes of abdominal pains

Regardless of the magnitude of the abdominal pains, be it mild or serious, they can be due to a number of reasons. Many people have experienced abdominal pains due to constipation, virus infection, poisoning, Indigestion, gas, allergies of different kinds of food, ulcers, and gall stone among others.

Symptoms of abdominal pains that could be of concern

One is advised to seek the services of a doctor if he or she experiences severe abdominal pains. The severe kinds of abdominal pains are normally coupled with other symptoms that are also indicators of other underlying medical conditions that pass as serious. These include;

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Tender belly
  • Frequent and painful passing of urine.
  • Injury to the stomach
  • The pain takes longer to subside.

These symptoms of stomach pain should be treated as soon as they are detected as they could be indications of more complicated medical conditions that the individual could be having. Some results of abdominal pain pass as emergency cases and immediate medical attention is highly recommended. When one has abdominal pains that make him have blood stained stools, vomit blood and also experiences difficulties in breathing, a doctor should be called immediately and home remedies are not an option. Abdominal pains that cause bleeding can also occur when one is pregnant. This should be rushed to the emergency room as delay could lead to loss of the baby.

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Diagnosis of abdominal pains

As mentioned earlier, abdominal pains can be caused by several factors. When presented at the doctors’, they will always get to conduct a full examination of the situation and get to go through the symptoms presented. They will always seek to determine a few factors. One should ensure that he explains to his doctor the kind of pain that they are experiencing, the duration by which the pain has been going on as well as the exact position of the pain in the stomach. If the pain is a recurring occurrence, the sufferer should take note of the frequency that it takes place and duly inform the doctor about it.

Treatment of abdominal pains

Abdominal pains are treated using an array of methods. This is due to the fact that the causes of abdominal pains also differ. These different treatment forms are designed to attack the causative factors hence the difference. Medications are used to treat inflammations that cause the pains, while antibiotics are prescribed for the infections. The abdominal pains that are caused by the lifestyle of individual are treated by the individual simply changing lifestyle to a healthier pattern. Surgery can be employed for the cases that include appendicitis and hernia.

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