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Industries Where a CPR Certificate is Mandatory

In an effort to reduce the casualties in industries where injuries and fatalities are more likely occur, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have made it mandatory for employees in these industries to obtain a first aid and CPR certificate before they are allowed to work in the field. This ensures that during medical emergencies in which there are no ... Read More »

The Necessary Number of CPR Certificate for the Deadliest Industries in Canada

Unknown to many business owners in Canada, it is necessary to have employees who own a legitimate CPR certificate in order to avoid fines and government-ordered business closure. These employees are the ones who will be responsible for saving the lives of employees who have sustained workplace-related injuries and medical conditions. Considering that some industries are deadlier or are more ... Read More »

Usefulness of a CPR Certificate: How Common Is Drowning?

For many, getting a CPR certificate is unnecessary since drowning is not that common especially in places where man-made and natural bodies of water are not really that popular. What they do not realize is that drowning can actually be a common problem even in these areas. Here are some of the statistics about the prevalence of drowning that highlight ... Read More »

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