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Referred Chest Pain Causes and Symptoms

Referred chest pain

Referred chest pain is a medical term that is commonly used to refer to a kind of pain in the chest that emanates from the back. This means that the pain that is experienced at the chest cavity is a manifestation of a problem in one’s thoracic spine. Referred chest pain is thus, a pain felt in the chest but ... Read More »

Causes and Cures of Bruised Foot

Bruised Foot

Bruising is the phenomenon in which the skin color changes to fast red or purple due to the accumulation of blood, just underneath the skin. Due to any minor injury or trauma, blood vessels may get leaky and blood can pour out into the subcutaneous tissues, muscles and bones present in the sheath of skin. The skin color changes with times, ... Read More »

Pain Management Strategies

Pain management

Pain management is widely accepted principle in the healthcare management of people experiencing pain and discomfort because pain is already considered the fifth vital sign. Reducing pain to a tolerable level was once considered the goal of pain management, however even patients who have described pain relief as adequate often report disturbed sleep and marked distress because of pain. In ... Read More »

Foreign Body in the Vagina

Some foreign bodies in the vagina are designed for vaginal use, whereas there are times when foreign bodies also accidentally insert themselves in the vagina. The presence of foreign bodies may be asymptomatic for an extended period of time or produce minimal or evident symptoms. This usually leads to vaginal discharge or bleeding. It is more common for children, rather ... Read More »

Clinical Aspiration

Clinical Aspiration

Clinical aspiration of stomach contents into the lungs is a serious complication that can cause pneumonia and possibly result in any of the following conditions namely; tachycardia, dyspnea, central cyanosis, hypertension, hypotension and possibly even death. Many cases of aspiration can occur when protective airway reflexes are decreased or absent due to a variety of factors which may or may ... Read More »

Scuba Diving

Emergency First Aid Training

 Medical Problems, First Aid Kit and First Aid Management Scuba diving is an enjoyable recreational sport but like every activity it comes with physical and health risks when divers go underwater with diving equipment. Scuba diving is an enjoyable recreational sport for many sports. But like every activity, it comes with a degree of physical and health risks when a ... Read More »

First Aid Needs of Seniors

First Aid Courses

People at certain age groups have different health needs. First aiders must know how these needs in order to provide proper treatment. Elderly adults have unique health needs as well as special concerns when being treated for injuries. As a first aider, you should consider these needs while performing first aid. For one, assisting elderly who has trouble with mobility ... Read More »

Sun Allergy

Sun Allergy

Sun Allergy or Sun poisoning can either be hereditary or can be caused by outside factors; like skin being exposed to certain types of plantation, etc. Sun allergy as the name implies, is an allergy associated with sun exposure. They say, excess of anything is bad, and the same goes out for Summer fans too. Too much of Sun’s heat ... Read More »

There is No Excuse for Child Abuse

Adult and pediatric training mannequins

Child abuse is more than physical abuse of children. More than the bruises and broken bones, it can lead to scars that would take longer to heal than any physical wound obtained by the victim. The earlier the abused child gets help, the better the chances to heal faster and break the cycle. Children need a strong foundation which can ... Read More »

Poisonous Household Items

Poisonous Household Items

Poisons are usually associated with chemicals in the workplace, gases and illegal drugs; however, it is not popularly known that even common household items may lead to poisoning. These poisonous household items can be inhaled, ingested or overdosed, especially if used improperly. There are thousands of cases from poisoning from household items each year. Just because there is no warning ... Read More »

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