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What You Need to Know About First Aid Herbs

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There are a wide range of first aid herbs that can be kept at home in your natural first aid kit. The herbs play a great role in treating irritations or minor injuries that occur at home. Things like minor burns, insect bites, sunburns, low grade fevers and others can be treated effectively using the herbs. The most important thing when using the herbs is to ensure that you are using the right herb for a specific problem. If you have any doubt about a herb or severity of the problem it is important to consult a doctor. The material posted on this page on first aid herbs is for learning purposes only. To learn to manage serious medical emergencies sign up for a course today. Here are some common first aid herbs.

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Aloe Vera

This herb is effective in soothing sun burns, scalds, rashes, minor burns and others because of its cooling properties. All you need to do is to break a leaf of the plant, split it open and apply the gel on the injury. There are also natural gels sold in several drug or health stores in Canada.


Calendula has antiseptic and healing properties that make it effective for treating abrasions and other smaller injuries. In most cases, it is provided with a tincture that is dabbed directly onto the injuries. It can also be diluted in a half cup of hot water to make a cleansing lotion that is used to heal abrasions.


This is another common first aid herb with soothing and calming effects. A tea made with this herb can be used to heal nausea, fever and insomnia. When the tea is sweetened with honey, it acts as a good remedy for shock. When cooled, the tea can be used as a lotion to sooth skin rashes.


Comfrey is a traditional herb used because of its ability to boost healing. The fresh leaves are mashed into a pulp and applied as poultice to sprains, ulcers and bruises. Cream and macerated oil can be made using this herb and applied to such injuries too.


This is one of the most used first aid herbs in many homes. It is more than a culinary herb with anticatarrhal and antiseptic properties. Raw garlic helps in relieving congestion and prevention of infections. It is effective in healing of boils or other minor infections whereby it is rubbed in those areas to treat the external infections.

Precautions when using first aid herbs

  • Never use a herb if you are not sure about its effectiveness.
  • In severe cases consult a doctor instead of applying a herb.
  • Always follow the guidelines given when using herbs bought from health stores.
  • Never use the herbs to infants.

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